Pierre Tsigaridis on Two Witches - Director's Statement

"I have always been fascinated by witches. Contrary to other folklore villains like vampires or zombies, witches are real people, whether they have supernatural powers or not."

Over the last few years I’ve gathered true stories of people and their experience with witchcraft. I realized that whether they believe in witchcraft or not, many people are terrified by the idea of spells and evil eyes. 

“I don’t mess with that sh**, just in case....” most people say.

Two Witches assembles the fruit of my research. Whether it’s a woman casting the evil eye at a young couple in a restaurant, a ouija board séance that goes wrong or being trapped with a bizarre roommate during a thunderstorm, these events happened to real people. These authentic events are the foundation for my horrific imagery and flamboyant villains. I've taken the liberty of amplifying them to entertain my audience. 

I truly hope that you guys will enjoy my film, because I made it for you. 

Pierre Tsigaridis